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Enhancing Your Brand Recognition through Guest Blogging

For a long time, guest posting has been perceived as an unpopular SEO strategy, linked to questionable practices and spam-like tactics that have lost favor in the industry. However, does this mean that guest posting should be entirely dismissed? Drawing from my personal experience, I can affirmatively state that guest posting has generated numerous profitable business opportunities, enabling my company to capitalize on them and achieve success.

Rather than viewing guest posting solely as a means for link building, we should shift our perspective and embrace it as a strategic tool for establishing and fortifying our brand.

In this article digital marketing blog, I will share valuable tips for guest posting that not only offer SEO advantages to your website but also contribute significantly to brand development.

Benefits of Guest Posting


SEO experts have extensively covered certain topics to the extent that they should naturally be the top results for those specific terms. However, guest posting, despite being associated with other supposedly outdated SEO practices like link building, continues to serve as a valuable avenue for establishing oneself as a thought leader and enhancing awareness through public relations.

While guest post links are typically labeled as nofollow, I am firm in my belief that the business opportunities and brand visibility derived from publishing on reputable platforms such as CamRojud and other influential blogs justify the effort.

The benefits of guest posting can be outlined as follows:

1. Increased brand awareness.
2. Viable backlinking opportunities (even with nofollow attributes).
3. Thought leadership.
4. Increased site traffic.
5. Expanded leads and business opportunities.

Moreover, having your authorship featured across various publications significantly elevates your credibility and expertise, surpassing the impact of a mere hyperlink leading back to your blog on another website. Of course, successful guest posting requires a focused approach and realistic expectations. Bearing this in mind, I have compiled a list of tips to help you optimize your guest posting campaign and amplify your brand visibility.

Adhere to Your Specialization and Capitalize on Your Proficiency


If you specialize in digital marketing content, it is advisable to concentrate your guest posts on topics related to content within the digital marketing sphere. Likewise, if your expertise lies in video marketing, contributing guest content specifically focused on video marketing proves to be a beneficial strategy.

Authentic experts typically maintain a narrow focus and prefer to stay within their specific areas of expertise. Establishing expertise is quite straightforward: you should genuinely possess knowledge in the subject matter you are writing about.

If you professionally cover multiple subjects, there is a risk of diluting your brand and causing confusion for search engine algorithms as they assess your content.

For instance, in my situation, my primary focuses for guest posting include content creation (such as this post), productivity, and time management. Despite serving as an editor for a popular motorcycle publication, I abstain from guest posting in the motorcycle industry. This decision is akin to being a staff writer at CamRojud, where full-time staff members typically refrain from participating in guest posting for other digital marketing publications.

While there might be exceptional circumstances where you could write about a topic outside your primary focus, it is generally advisable to stick to your area of expertise when engaging in guest posting.

Create All The Evergreen Content You Can


To ensure the enduring value of your efforts, it is crucial to concentrate on generating evergreen content. While experts are frequently sought for their insights into timely and newsworthy subjects, it’s essential to recognize that guest posting serves a distinct purpose. Instead of striving for immediate impact or a significant splash, the objective is to create content that retains its relevance not only today but also a decade from now.

Crafting evergreen content can be challenging, particularly in swiftly evolving industries such as technology. Nevertheless, it is advisable to aim for as much evergreen content as possible. Given that my primary areas of expertise revolve around content creation and productivity, a substantial portion of my content holds the potential to remain timeless.

As a personal guideline, I strive for guest post content that is 90% evergreen, focusing on enduring topics, and 10% newsworthy or trending content that introduces a timely element to the mix.

Target Relevant, Strong Websites

Numerous SEO professionals emphasize the importance of a website’s domain authority (DA). However, relying exclusively on this metric doesn’t offer a comprehensive assessment of a website’s overall strength.

It’s not uncommon to encounter websites boasting high DAs but featuring sparse web page content. These sites may be burdened with irrelevant external links that deviate from the website’s core focus. Mistaking a high DA for a good and relevant website can detrimentally impact your guest posting endeavors.

Hence, it’s crucial not to singularly pursue a robust DA. Instead, seek out high-quality websites providing reputable content crafted by experts. Two essential factors to investigate upfront include the website’s traffic metrics and whether the site engages in purchasing links or participating in link exchanges for financial gain.

Before pitching to a publication, it’s advisable to scrutinize the website’s link profile or enlist the assistance of an SEO professional for this analysis. If you discover that the website links to irrelevant domains with subpar content, it’s prudent to conserve your efforts and explore other potential target websites.

Always prioritize brand building over link acquisition. If a website doesn’t align with your brand values and goals, it’s preferable to continue searching for a more suitable online platform to amplify your content.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can conserve significant energy while navigating the expansive web in pursuit of optimal online platforms to enhance your content. If you suspect any fraudulent or dubious practices, particularly related to link building, trust your instincts and seek another prospective website for collaboration.

Establish a Connection with Reputable Publications


When you encounter a robust website where your guest posts strongly connect with its audience, it’s crucial to take additional steps for that website.

Some SEO professionals might be hesitant about this approach due to the diminishing value of extra links. Typically, guest posts include a link (preferably a followed link) in the author’s bio, directing readers to the contributor’s home page. Usually, the initial link carries the most significant value, and subsequent links offer diminishing returns in terms of impact.

Nevertheless, if the publication holds influence, and you have the chance to genuinely impact its audience, it’s essential to prioritize building your brand rather than solely fixating on link value. Many individuals often have this perspective reversed, concentrating on obtaining a link at any cost, even if it means delivering content that fails to effectively resonate with the target audience.

In such instances, it is more valuable to prioritize creating content that genuinely engages and resonates with the audience, even if it entails forgoing additional links. By concentrating on building your brand and establishing a positive reputation among the audience, you will ultimately reap long-term benefits that extend beyond the immediate link value.

Never Forget About SEO

Some guest contributors overlook SEO considerations when crafting a guest post, even those operating within the digital marketing realm.

I’ve covered multiple articles here about SEO writing for those interested in delving deeper, but the fundamental principles include:

1. Focus on one or two keywords per guest blog.
2. Craft a title using target keywords within an approximately 55-character limit.
3. Incorporate numbers into headlines, as they tend to resonate well with readers.
4. Include brackets or parentheses in the title; research by HubSpot and Outbrain indicates that headlines with bracketed clarifications perform 38% better than those without.
5. Utilize target keywords in meta descriptions, aiming for around 150 characters, and include a marketing message along with a clear call to action (CTA).
6. Naturally integrate related keywords into the content.
7. Properly implement header tags with keywords (related keywords are effective here).
8. Use bold, italics, and bullet points strategically to enhance readability, improve user experience (UX), and increase on-page reading time.
9. Provide recommendations for internal and external linking.
10. Always keep SEO in mind, and consider hiring an Enterprise SEO Expert for prompt results.

Neglecting SEO could jeopardize the discoverability of your guest post.

In Conclusion

Guest posts can bring significant value to your link-building and branding strategies, provided you are willing to invest the requisite time and effort. While these guest post links may not carry substantial SEO weight, they prove invaluable for overall marketing and brand development.

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