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Everything You Need to Know About Astlibra Revision

  • Introduction

Chrono Trigger is one of my all-time favorite Super NES games. It is not an excellent role-playing game for the system, but when I first played it, I was also captivated by the time travel elements, wherein actions taken in the past had an impact on events in the present.

It didn’t take long for me to become interested in Astlibra, a side-scrolling action RPG with time travel. Astlibra Revision is my first exposure to the game because I have never played Astlibra, and it would be an understatement to say that it made an impression on me.  

Astlibra Revision

When some monsters knock you and your childhood friend unconscious, you try to run away from them (you and your friend, not the monsters). This is how Astlibra Revision opens. Finally, you wake up at a house and discover that not only is your pal gone, but also that a talking crow located you and saved your life. You and the crow, Karon, wander around for over ten years before coming across another intrepid traveler, since you can’t recall what happened. Though there is a lot more to the story that I will attempt to keep a secret, the core theme of the game revolves around you and Karon attempting to recall the past and discover what happened to your childhood friend and home.

Quest for Lost Memories

The tutorial or demo is what the game suggests you do when you first launch Astlibra Revision to get to know yourself with the help of mechanics. This is generally a good idea because it covers the majority of the mechanics you’ll come across in the game. The fundamental goal is the same as in any other action RPG: use whatever equipment you have to beat every creature in your path and make it to the boss after each chapter. 

While you may always enhance your skills and stats in Astlibra Revision, there are many other methods to personalize your character. Before you realize everything, it can be a little difficult at first.

Tutorial and Skill Tree System

You can spend force gems in six different colors on a skill tree to unlock more stat upgrades and learn new abilities; you can purchase different weapons and gear in shops; and you acquire stat points after every level up that you can use for multiple skills. Most equipment requires you to spend cash on it in addition to having to acquire specific resources to create it.

Challenges and Advantages

Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. Force Gems are dropped from destroyed competitors and sometimes broken rocks. If you’re low on a certain color of gem, you can convert it to another at a ratio of 30 to 10. It can take a while to acquire a new skill at the end of one of the branches, though, because there are several branching routes and you completely have to spend more and more gems to unlock one skill point upgrade. Additionally, some talents are more helpful in specific scenarios, such as boss encounters. 

Essential Scales, Chapter Objectives

Also, you are unable to explore the tree to see where each branch leads. As a result, you are forced to either grind out a lot of gems or experiment with each branch. Fortunately, you can redistribute the skill points you get at different stages in the game (typically in a shop) or by following a level-up. You’ll still have access to the skill tree’s permanent stat point upgrades, which makes it particularly helpful if you usually allocate your points to a few stats and want to experiment with new playstyles, such as focusing more on magic than on physical attacks.

  • Next is the equipment, about which I have mixed feelings. 
  • Each of the weapons you can obtain has unique handling attributes, weight, and range that affect how quickly you can swing them and whether you can use one or two hands. 
  • In addition, you have shields that you can employ to deflect some hits when using one-handed weapons. 
  • The only small complaint I have is that to manufacture each piece of equipment you buy, certain materials must be obtained. 
  • There are plenty of alternatives in stores, and you may explore the region at your leisure to locate the resources, so obtaining the armor and weaponry you desire is not too tough. 

You may change a lot to suit your playstyle, from the equipment you can find and buy to the skill points, traits, and abilities you can gain and personalize. Though it can be a bit of a game changer, there is one problem with that idea, which I’ll discuss shortly.

Gameplay Experience

The way the game plays almost feels like an anime episode, right down to how each chapter opens, which is thankfully skippable, so you don’t have to watch it every time. From there, you’ll find your chapter’s objective, go where you need to go, find and defeat the boss at the end, finish the chapter’s narrative, and repeat. 

You’ll discover a set of scales that are essential to the plot, but they also allow you to return to areas from earlier chapters, where you can either grind for materials or even explore optional areas that were previously considered too deadly with older equipment. If all you want to do is grind up a few more levels without dealing with foes too strong for your present level, these are also quite helpful.


Astlibra Revision’s animation and art design reminded me of some of the older Ys games when I first started playing them. When you know how your current weapon’s weight and handling function, the gameplay feels quite seamless, and the graphics look fantastic for the type of game. Additionally, the more you use the tools, the more experience you get with them and the abilities you develop. The music is appropriate for the moment, whether it’s rocking when out battling the demons or slower during more serene times. Although the gameplay is rather simple, it does call for some strategy beyond simply “running in and rapidly hacking and slashing at the enemies.”

Before entering with a few blows, you can utilize a shield to deflect projectiles and attacks.  Certain monsters may force you to take a few hits, retreat while dodging their blows, and then rush back in when you can. These monsters call for a more hit-and-run approach. Overall, the challenge feels fairly equitable and is progressing.

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