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Exploring The Game Seed of the Dead in 2024

Greetings from Seed of the Dead, where Eroge meets a first-person shooter. In the game, you take on the role of an anonymous individual who has so far escaped the zombie apocalypse. Three ladies, all armed to the teeth and dressed in the fewest clothes they could manage, find you unconscious one day. The girls decide to include you in their merry band of survivors since zombies are pursuing them.

The mature, responsible Aya, the cheerful, athletic tomboy Hikari, and the vicious, ojou-sama Kirara make up your group. They largely conform to anime tropes in terms of personality, but that didn’t bother me too much. The between-level visual novel chapters are worth staying for because of their amusing dialog. Not to mention, they are completely voice-acted, which is good. However, having an English audio option would have been wonderful, if only so I could respond to their calls during tense gunfights.

Introduction of Seed of the Dead

Seed of the Dead is a very basic first-person shooter. It even goes so far as to use the standard Unreal Engine symbol when you run the game on Windows. Most missions require you to either survive multiple waves or hold out for a specific period. When zombies spawn in, you shoot them down, then repeat the process. With limited weapons of assault rifles and shotguns, you will be facing off against just four distinct enemy kinds. Though you can at times experiment with one sort of a bomb and two rare power weapons.

The game is incredibly janky as well as having very short material. To be honest, I think it’s kind of smug about how crappy it is. Because there isn’t any logic in place to establish where enemies should be able to emerge, they sometimes spawn just above you. Moreover, looking down the sights regularly breaks down, making the weapon—along with its sights—vanish completely. On the other hand, how about a level classic: T-posing characters drifting around?

The competitors who burrow underground, known as worm foes, were the funniest of all; they hardly ever reproduce in places where it is feasible. In the end, you find yourself fighting them on second-story building floors or wooden surfaces. These once materialized on a bridge, and I could see their lower bodies floating beneath it.

Your ladyfriends’ presence is, of course, the primary gimmick of the game. Along with the gals, who accompany you and assist in sifting through the masses, you will be tackling these assignments together. Although their AI isn’t particularly good, they manage to defend themselves fairly well. They do, however, have a bad habit of trying to fire foes through barriers or becoming trapped.

Prospects for the Future

The game is highly janky as well to having very little substance. To be honest, I think it’s kind of smug about how crappy it is. Because there isn’t any logic in place to establish where enemies should be able to develop, they sometimes spawn just above you. Moreover, aiming down the sights regularly problems, making the weapon—along with its sights—vanish completely. Also, how about a level classic: T-posing characters drifting around?

Universe Extension

With sneak peeks at planned content and expansions, Team KRAMA is dedicated to growing the “Seed of the Dead” universe. This dedication to continuous development guarantees that future gameplay elements, storylines, and challenges will be exciting for players.

Adapting the Gameplay:

“Seed of the Dead” continues to be at the forefront of horror genre innovation as the gaming landscape changes. To make the game even better and keep it a favorite among horror fans, the developers are eager to take into account user feedback.


Hikari Kondo

A happy girl who treats everyone with kindness. She used to be a top track and field athlete who was renowned for her exceptional running abilities. She is always willing to encourage others, even under trying circumstances!

Aya Kagano

The composed leader of the party was formerly a medical student.

Her instincts rarely seem to be incorrect, and she carefully considers all options before acting.

Kirara Suzune

The CEO’s daughter of a large firm. In battle, she loses her temper even though she is courteous! She is incredibly devoted to her enormous gun. It’s almost like Hikari treats her like the party’s mascot.


This is an enjoyable arena shooter that functions flawlessly and is bug-free. According to Wolf904’s evaluation, it is broken, but it isn’t. You get to choose who you want to believe—I own it, not him. However, he is mistaken when he claims that GOG does not issue refunds; it is clear that he is unaware of the company’s refund policy, which states:

“A product may now be returned for a refund up to 30 days after purchase, no matter whether it has been downloaded, opened, and played. 

  • Three different, gorgeous heroines.
  • There are three customizable levels of difficulty.
  • Hammers, guns, and a laser sword? A total of fifteen formidable weapons!
  • Eight stages total include a cave, a hospital, and a destroyed city.
  • Numerous 
  • evident benefits to entice you to return.


The models and animations are mediocre.

  • The graphics are passable but unimpressive.
  • Although there are several weapons, the gunplay is simple.  
  • Pornography exists, but it’s restricted.  
  • Voice acting is present, but it is in Japanese. 
  • Characters are present, but they are one-dimensional and superficial. 
  • There is a tale, but it doesn’t make any sense.  
  • Although the levels differ, they all function essentially the same way.  The game isn’t especially bad, but it’s also not outstanding either.


Seed of the Dead’s gameplay, characterized by surviving waves of zombies and holding out in various scenarios, may feel somewhat repetitive. The limited arsenal of weapons and a handful of enemy types contribute to a simple yet chaotic experience. The game’s imperfections, from spawning issues to disappearing sights, add a layer of unintentional humor, making it oddly endearing.

The standout feature of Seed of the Dead is undeniably the presence of the three female characters who accompany you throughout the game. Despite their one-dimensional AI and occasional quirks, they add a distinct charm to the overall experience. The developers, Team KRAMA, seem committed to expanding the universe with planned content and improvements, promising an evolving and exciting experience for players in the future.

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