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Where to Begin: A Detailed Overview of Coromon’s Gameplay

Do you like role-playing games? Do you love games’ pixelated graphics? Coromon, though, has it all! Recently, the game name coromon appeared on mobile devices, and the community has continued to find it quite popular. On Android, it has received over a million downloads!

Freedom Games LLC created and distributes the turn-based adventure role-playing game Coromon. In the exciting game’s opening story, you play the role of a Battle Researcher in Velua. Creating a group of animals known as Coromon and controlling the growing risks in the area should be your motivation.

So, read our thorough Coromon Beginners Guide and Tips article to fully understand the battle system and discover all the essential elements. Continue reading to acquire some critical advice for your Coromon episodes.

Gameplay Overview

Living in the Velua area of the map, you are Lux Solis’s newest battle researcher. The story introduces you to the starting point of your adventure, where your primary goal is choosing a difficulty level based on your wants. It may be normal, hard, insane, or easy.

Also, you can select Custom Mode and modify your playing mode as required. The game strongly recommends choosing the Normal difficulty level to enjoy a standard mode. After that, Coromon appears to analyze your brain waves about the responses you provide to specific questions. 

In terms of battle, the idea is similar to Pokemon. Different battlegrounds will be visible to you based on where you are. Instead of utilizing Pokeballs to launch Coromons during battles, players use spinners.

Similar to Pokemon matches, each Coromon in a battle has HP and SP levels that must be repaired with specific items and resting your Coromon. Because the game is turn-based, you can expose your attack skills by clicking the Boxing icon. Make a wise decision of skill to ensure your opponent’s HP decreases before your Coromon falls. You can always rest the Coromon you are using to win the battle and utilize another.

Introducing the Basics of Coromon


Information about Coroman discovered during task research may be found in the Database section. The three potential levels of Coromons—Standard, Potent, and Perfect—are shown. You can find Coromons project with their basic features, including attack, defense, speed, and HP, as well as a brief description.

This is useful for situations where you may have to use a promoted Coromon against various foes. Your winning squad will be enhanced with your selection of Coromons.


All Inventory is in a Battle Researcher’s storage space. Your journey’s essential supplies and equipment are all stocked in the Inventory for later use. Many items in the Inventory are Cakes, such as SP Cake, HP Cake, Combi Cake, and Phoenix Shard, which restore your coromons and their health and energy.

Gauntlet, Spinners, Essence Collector, and reusable materials with Lux Recall and Data Chip are a few of the extra materials. These goods can be used in quests and other activities to reach objectives. 


Rewards are expected to follow after you finish each quest or mission. Every action and game progress you have made up to this point is documented in this section. You can restore Promotion Bonuses and Milestones directly from this menu. You gain experience points (XP) as you complete objectives and reach Milestones.

As well as resources like cakes, coins, spinners, and many more, you also gain experience points (XPs) when you go to the subsequent designation or level. These rewards help you to improve and create goals for your upcoming task. 


The list of quests that are unique to a given region is displayed in the Logbook section. This section records both active quests—those that are still in progress—and completed quests. In this game, the quests have significance since completing a set of them is the only way to advance to the next one.

The gameplay of Coromon is based on these tasks. The missions open up opportunities for inquiry and speed progress. 


The world map with the locations where you can finish your quests is included in the globe section. The Coromon Researchers’ main headquarters are located in the Velua Region.

Everywhere else but this place are quest locations where you have to follow the prologue and finish the tasks given to you. Furthermore, you can use the map to see where you are and learn more about the areas you have already found.

Coromon Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Choose your Difficulty Level

Coromon is a straightforward game because you may personalize your experience from the home screen. The game has several difficulty settings, ranging from Easy to Insane. To progress through the game, you must choose a difficulty level. With the Custom mode, players can customize the gameplay to suit their preferences. 

Restore the SP of your Coromon

The Coromons use SP-corresponding energy in battle. Strong attacks, both defensive and offensive, consume energy, or SP. Restocking your Coromon’s energy when their SP drops to the point where they cannot fight is essential. SP cakes, which refresh your Coromon’s energy, will help you achieve it. If you don’t have any items for this purpose, you may always take a break and let your fighting Coromon fight against you while the others do. 

Check More info on your Enemy, Coromon

You can search Coromon for lots of extra information. You must read the information provided on any Coromon you find to learn more and be helpful while facing off against other Coromons. You won’t have trouble viewing their details between battles because the game is turn-based. To access it, click on the opponent Coromon’s HP bar, which is located at the top of the screen. 

Make Use of the Milestones

Milestones can be achieved by completing missions and achieving specific game goals. In between Milestones, the Promotion area allows you to monitor your progress. Your performance is one of many things that these sections observe. When you reach a particular level and mark, you get experience points (XP) and extra benefits, including cakes, spinners, and other supplies that make fighting Coromons easier. 


A fantastic casual game, Coromon features 120 cute yet dangerous animals called Coromons. One can see multiple elements as a Battle Researcher, which enhances the gaming experience. Explore various areas and take part in activities that advance your Coromon experience. So, follow our comprehensive Coromon Beginners Guide and Tips article to create the best Coromon squad and discover the game’s various zones. 

That’s all there is to it when it comes to this new game. Get the game right now to play this intriguing role-playing game. Tell us which Coromon is your favorite if you’ve already played the game in the comments section below!

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